American Flag Bass Cat Boat Wrap
Bass Cat Bass Boat Wrap
Autism Nitro Bass boat wrap

Custom Bass Boat Wrap

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  • (2) 36" tall x 16.5'-21' panels (depending on boat length.)
  • Excess bleed about (12") at front and rear to ensure full coverage.

Make your boat stand out on the water! We will design your wrap so it will be unique and stand out amongst the crowd. Our Boat wraps are printed on 3M or Avery Dennison vinyl with the glossiest and most conformable laminate on the market. Both films have a 5-10 Year outdoor expected performance under the right conditions. We recommend removing within 4-5 years to make removability easy and clean. You can change your wrap as often as you'd like. Your wrap will protect your boat from harmful UV Rays and general abuse. Most wrap films on the market generally are not damaging to paint or clear coat as long as it's OEM applied. All wrap materials are hand selected to meet our expectations and yours.