Turn your vehicles into a mobile billboard

Everyone wants more bang for their buck. But don't you hate spending money on advertising that doesn't work? If Yes, then maybe you should consider a wrap for your business vehicles. They already go with you or your employees everywhere. When you are on location, it also generates interest from potential customers in passing.
Vehicle wraps generate thousands of impressions a day while sitting stationary and especially when moving in traffic. We believe Vehicle wraps are a better way to spend your money rather than billboards. 
The typical cost of a partial or full vehicle wrap is around $1500-4000 depending on the size of the vehicle. Full print wraps can generally last 4-6 years based on being properly maintained, material used, and outdoor conditions. So basically $800/year if you consider $4000 for a 5 year wrap. That breaks down to $67/month for thousand of impressions a day...pretty cheap right? So why are you still driving around with a blank canvas that could be generating more business for you everyday? Contact us to start generating more revenue for you business.